Step 3: Chart Templates

Once you’ve imported your data, you can now try applying different chart templates. Chart templates contain data driven rules that determine how each box in a chart is presented. You can use system templates or you can create your own custom templates.

» Applying Chart Templates

  1. Make sure you are logged into OrgChart and have a chart open (repeat previous step if needed).
  2. Select the ‘Templates’ tab (in the lower right corner of the window). If the side panels are hidden, click on showpanel.png Show Panels icon (in the upper right).
  3. Make sure the ‘System Templates’ option is selected (at the top of the Templates Panel)
  4. In the Templates Panel, double-click on ‘Classic-Mgr’ – notice that all manager boxes now have a double border.
  5. Double-click on ‘Headcount’ – notice that all manager boxes now have a double border and also include a ‘headcount’ calculation.
  6. Try double-clicking on other templates until you find the one you like (don’t bother with the photo templates unless there is a photo reference included in your source data – See the Working with Photos topic for more information on including Photos in your org charts).


  • If you can’t find a template that meets your requirements, don’t worry. Custom Templates are covered later in this guide.

Reviewed 9/6/2017