Step 6: Using the Master Page

The Master Page contains elements that are included on every page of a chart. Typically, elements such as a corporate logo and page numbers are placed on the master page. Master page elements are especially important when printing or publishing to PDF.

» Uploading Your Logo

In order to add a logo to the master page, you’ll first need to upload a jpeg file containing your logo. The jpeg file should be no larger than 800 X 800 pixels (this helps to minimize the size of any PDF file that you might want to generate later).

To upload your logo:

  1. Select the FILE RIBBON (FILERIB.png).
  2. Select the filemgr.png File Manager button.
  3. Select a folder (where the file will be uploaded). The 'Masters' folder is the recommended location for files that may be used in more than one chart.
  4. Select the uploadfile.png Upload button.
  5. Select the logo file from your computer.

» Editing the Master Page

To setup your master page:

  1. Make sure the chart you saved in Step 5 is open.
  2. Click on the EDIT MASTER RIBBON (editmasterr.PNG).
  3. Select the addimagetool.png Add Image button (under the Extras tab).
  4. Select the jpeg file you uploaded in the previous section (from the 'Masters' folder). If you don’t have a file handy, select a file called ‘City logo’ from the ‘Samples’ folder.
  5. You may need to resize the logo if it is too big. Double-click on the image to set the scale.
  6. Select the image (using the select.png Select Tool). Use the pinobject.png Pin Tool to pin the logo to the upper left corner of the page. This ensures the logo will stay in the upper left no matter how the page is resized.
  7. If the logo crosses the header line (blue dashed line) at the top, you can either resize the logo or change the header height (see the Page Properties topic for more information).
  8. Click on the addautotextelement.png Autotext button. Select ‘Page X of Y’. Click anywhere on the chart page. This will add a ‘Page X of Y’ autotext element to your master page.
  9. Make sure the ‘Page X of Y’ autotext element is selected and then use the pinobject.png Pin Tool to pin the element to the lower right corner of the page.
  10. Click on the EDIT CHART RIBBON (editchartr.PNG) to view the master page in combination with your chart

Reviewed 9/6/2017