Step 9: Data Refresh

Charts can easily be synchronized from external data. When a chart is refreshed, all records that are added, deleted, moved and/or changed (in the source data) will automatically be incorporated into the chart.

» Setting the Chart Template

Before we refresh the chart, let's make sure the template we just created is applied:

  1. Make sure you are logged into OrgChart and have a "QuickStart" chart open (See Step 5 for details).
  2. Select on the REFRESH RIBBON (refreshr.PNG).
  3. Select the chartproperties.png Refresh Properties button.
  4. Select the Chart Template option. The Select Chart Template panel is shown.
  5. Select the 'User Templates’ radio button and then select the 'MyTemplate' element (created in the previous step).
  6. Click OK to set the template that will be applied when the chart is refreshed.
  7. save.png Save the chart (top left corner).

» Performing a Data Refresh

Perform the following steps to automatically update your chart. Data Refresh makes synchronizing your chart almost effortless.

  1. If your chart was created using a data connector, skip to step 4.
  2. If your chart data was created from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file, update the file (on your computer) to reflect any changes within your organization. Make sure to use the same file name as was used when importing. (See Import Wizard step for more information).
  3. Upload your data file to OrgChart (into the 'Data' directory).
  4. Select the REFRESH RIBBON (refreshr.PNG).
  5. Select the refresh.png Refresh Data button. The Data Refresh Panel is shown.
  6. Click on the Refresh button. Your chart will automatically be updated from your data source (To learn more about the various Refresh options, visit the Data Refresh topic).
  7. save.png Save the chart (top left corner).

Reviewed 9/6/2017