You can use the Data Refresh functionality to automatically synchronize a chart with your source data.

When you refresh your chart, OrgChart queries the data source and then updates, adds, moves and deletes chart boxes as necessary in order to synchronize your chart with the data source.

The rules applied during refresh are determined by the settings originally specified in the Import Wizard. You can change rule using the Refresh Properties function.

Refreshing Charts

Use the refresh.png Refresh button to synchronize your chart with source data. The Refresh button is located in the REFRESH RIBBON.

When you refresh a chart, you can preserve all or some of your manual edits. When possible, you should try to use a 100% Rule Driven Chart; however, if this is not possible you can use the following options to preserve some or all of your manual edits. If you choose any of the options below, you will need to manually inspect your chart after refresh as manual changes may be required (you may need to update subchart breaks or branch styles).
  • Preserve manual changes to box layouts - Manual changes to properties including box color, box border color, field shown, etc. will be preserved. The chart template will only apply to new boxes.
  • Preserve manual identification of assistants - Any manually set assistant branch styles will be preserved.
  • Preserve user changes to pagination - Manually added/removed subchart breaks will be preserved.
  • Preserve manual changes to branch styles - Manual changes to branch styles and box order will be preserved.
  • Preserve box sort - Manual changes to box order will be preserved.

Reviewed 08/28/2017