One of the most powerful features of OrgChart is the ability to refresh a chart from source data. When a chart is refreshed, all records that are added, deleted, moved and/or changed (in the source data) will automatically be incorporated into the chart.

Data Refresh

Main Article: Data Refresh

The Data Refresh function queries the external data source (that was used to create the chart) and then synchronizes the chart to match the source data.

Refresh Properties

Main Article: Refresh Properties

When a chart is refreshed, the original settings (configured using the Import Wizard) are used to determine presentation options (e.g. Chart Template to apply, pagination settings, etc.). You can use the Refresh Properties function to change any of the original settings.

Refresh Scheduler

Main Article: Scheduler

The Scheduler function automates data refreshes. You can set a chart to be refreshed on a daily or weekly basis. This is especially important if you have read only users that need access to the most current org chart (eliminates the need to manually refresh your chart every day).

Box Locking

Main Article: Box Locking

There are times when you need to persist manual changes (e.g. alternate title or presentation change) across data refreshes. You can use the Box Locking functionality to lock manual changes to charts.

The append data function is the recommended approach if you have more than 5 manual changes you want to persist across refreshes. The append data function uses a spreadsheet to specify all changes (add, moves, updates and deletes).

Reviewed 08/24/2017