Extract a sub-string from the RIGHT of a string.

Creating a RIGHT formula

To create a RIGHT formula:

  1. With a chart open, select the DOCUMENT RIBBON
  2. Click on the Fields button fieldmanager.png
  3. Click on Add formula button addformula.png
  4. Select the RIGHT menu item
  5. Select the Field to extract a sub-string from (e.g. SSN)
  6. Select the Range by entering an integer value or character (See options below)
  7. Click OK
  8. Rename the formula (e.g. 4digSSN)
  9. Click OK to complete the rename function
  10. Click OK (green button at the top)


When creating a RIGHT formula, you can enter the range to include in the calculation.

The following options are available:

  • Positive integer value - Displays a number characters starting from the right of the field equal to the value entered. (e.g. If "4" is entered with the with the SSN field it will return the last 4 characters of SSN.)
  • Break character - Displays all characters to the right of entered character. (e.g. If "@" is entered with a field containing e-mail addresses then all characters right of the "@" will be displayed.)

RIGHT Examples

Here are some examples of the RIGHT formula.

  1. RIGHT using "@" as the break character would yield orgchart.com given an input of moc.trahcgro|naD#moc.trahcgro|naD.
  2. RIGHT using "4" as the integer value would yield 1234 given the SSN xxx-xx-1234.

Reviewed 9/4/2017