OrgChart provides a number of different ways to control access to charts and data.

User Types

Main Article: User Types

The user type specific what functionality is available to the user. There are 3 user types:

  • Read only - User can view but cannot edit charts
  • Read/write - Access to authoring and editing tools (e.g. can create and modify charts)
  • Administrator - Access to all functions (e.g. manage user account and security overlays).

Access Groups

Main Article: Access Groups

Each user is assigned to an Access Group. The Access Group determines:

  • Which folders a user can access
  • Whether access to a specific folder is read only (locked) or read/write.
  • Whether user has access to specific functionality (for example, Export to Excel)

In the following example, there are three users:

  • ssmith (General User) - Read only access to the 'Production' charts folder
  • jsimmons (HR Staff) - Read/Write User with read only access to 'Production' charts and read/write access to the 'HR' folder
  • jjohnson (Administrator) - Full access to all charts and functionality
User User Type Access Group Folders
ssmith Read Only General Production (locked)
jsimmons Read/Write HR Production (locked), HR Private
jjohnson Administrator Full Access All Folders

Access Privileges

Main Article: Access Privileges

For a specific chart, you can control access to content within that chart. Using this functionality, you can limit which divisions, departments and/or locations a specific user can access. Access Privileges allows you to maintain a single chart even if you need to limit what each end user can view.

Example 1: 'User A' only has access to Divisions D1, D2 and D3 while 'User B' only has access to Divisions D3, D4 and D5.

Example 2: 'User A' only has access to Departments B1 and B2 within Divisions D1 while 'User B' only has access to Departments B2 and B3 within Divisions D1 and full Access to Division D2.

Reviewed 08/02/2017