The AlwaysUp tool is used to automatically re-query the Active Directory on a periodic basis (typically during off hours). The AlwaysUp tool ensures that the job will keep running even after the server is rebooted. Tasks run using a specific Windows login. It is recommended that you create a Windows Account specifically for managing the Active Directory task.

Installing AlwaysUp

Before you begin, purchase and install a copy of AlwaysUp (https://www.coretechnologies.com/products/AlwaysUp/)

Configuring AlwaysUp

AlwaysUp can be used to automate both photos and data extract from Active Directory. You will need to create 2 applications if sending photos and data.

To configure AlwaysUp to post AD data (or photos) to OrgChart on a periodic basis:

  1. Run Always Up
  2. Add a new Application (Select Application Menu | Add…)
  3. In the General Tab
    1. Set the Name to 'AD Agent' ('AD Photo Agent' for photos)
    2. Set the Application to 'C:\Python27\python.exe'
    3. Set Arguments to: 'C:\ADAgent\ad_connector.py -d' (or 'C:\ADAgent\ad_connector.py -i -d' for photos).
    4. Set Start In Directory to : 'C:\ADAgent'
    5. Set Start Application 'Automatically, when computer boots'
    6. Set the priority to: Normal
  4. In the Logon tab:
    1. Select the '… run the application using this account' checkbox
    2. Set the Username and Password for a service account (this is the account that will be used to run the agent).
  5. [Recommended] Use Email tab to set up notifications (select the Every Sunday at midnight option). This will help you monitor if the AD Agent is running as expected.
  6. Click on the Save button when done
  7. Run the application (Select Application Menu | Start)

Needs Review 8/16/2017