The subcharts panel is used to manage and navigate subcharts.

The Subchart Panel can be found in the Side Panels.


Visit the Pagination (Subcharts) topic to learn more about subcharts.

Interacting with the Subchart Panel

The subchart panel makes it easy to navigate through your charts:

  • Click on any subchart listed in the panel to navigate to the associated subchart.
  • Use the up/down arrow keys to quickly navigate through subcharts.
  • Expand/collapse a subchart using the +/- button to the left of a subchart.

Subcharts Panel Toolbar

The following functions are available in the subchart panel toolbar:
rename.png Rename Click on the rename button rename the selected subchart or to rename all subcharts.
uparrow.png Up Arrow Click to shuffle subchart up.
downarrow.png Down Arrow Click to shuffle subchart down.
subchartwizard.png Subchart Wizard Use the SubChart Wizard to define the rules for paginating a chart.

showpanel.png If the panel is hidden, click on 'Show Panels' icon and then select the 'Subchart' tab (at the bottom).

Reviewed 08/18/2017