The SUBCHART RIBBON allows you to control pagination of the current org chart. You can either manually add/remove subchart (page) breaks or use the Subchart Wizard to automatically paginate your chart.

The SUBCHART RIBBON is found in the Top Tool Bar.


User Interface

The following options are available in the SUBCHART RIBBON:

insertsubchartbreak.png Insert Subchart Break Insert a subchart break below the selected box.
removesubchartbreak.png Remove Subchart Break Remove the subchart break from below the selected box.
subchartwizard.png Subchart Wizard Automatically break a chart into multiple subcharts. See the Subchart Wizard topic for more information.

Learn More

See the Pagination (Subcharts) topic to learn more about subcharts. Subcharts are often used in conjunction with Page Optimization.

Reviewed 9/4/2017