Chart Templates are used to automatically format org charts. Each template contains one or more rules that determine how boxes in your chart are formatted (for example, a rule can be created to give all 'managers' a double-border).

The Chart Templates Panel can be found on the Side Panel.


See the Rule Driven Charting topic for more details on how to create and edit chart templates.

User Interface

The Chart Template Editor allows you to apply, add, edit, reorder, rename, delete and share Chart Templates.

There are two built in libraries:

  • System Templates - The system library includes a number of predefined templates that cannot be modified.
  • User Templates - The 'User Templates' library where you create or edit user defined Chart Templates.
The following tools are available:
copy.png Copy a System Template to the User Template area (so you can modify)
add.png Add new Chart Template
edit.png Edit a Chart Template
delete.png Deleted selected Chart Template
duplicatetemplate.png Duplicated selected Chart Template
renametemplate.png Rename selected Chart Template
uparrow.png Reorder Chart Templates
save.png Save changes to 'User Templates'
reloadcharts.png Discard changes to 'User Templates'

Applying Templates

Double-click on any Chart Template (e.g. 'Classic') to apply to the current org chart.

showpanel.png If the panel is hidden, click on 'Show Panels' icon and then select the 'Template' tab (at the bottom).

Reviewed 9/4/2017