Text Properties Group

fontselector.png Font Selector Select the font.
fontsize.png Font Size Set the font size.
fontcolor.png Font Color Set the font color.
cellfillcolor.png Cell Fill Color Set cell file color.
bold.png Bold Turn bold on or off.
italic.png Italic Turn italic on or off.
undy.png Underline Turn underline on or off.
labeloptions.png Label Options Set a cell to show a field label, a field value or both field label and value.

Tips and Tricks

  • If showing both field and value in a single cell (for example, 'Name: Albert'), set horizontal alignment to 'Justify'.
  • Best visual practice is keep the number of different fonts (e.g. Arial, Times, etc.) and font sizes used in a single chart to a minimum.
  • The last row of the color picker allows you to set custom colors.