Creating your First Chart

This tutorial provides step by step instructions on how to manually create a simple chart. See Tutorial 3 to learn how to automatically create a chart from External Data.

  1. If a blank chart is not shown, select the FILE RIBBON (FILERIB.png) and then click on the new.png New Document icon.
  2. Select the EDIT CHART RIBBON (EDITCHARTRIB.png) and then select the addbox.png Add Box Tool. You are now in the Add Box Mode.
  3. Click on the top box of the chart three times to add three new boxes.
  4. Click on each box on the second level two times to add additional subordinates.
  5. Click on the select.png Select tool (to return to the Select Mode) and then click on the top box.
  6. Click again anywhere in the top half of the top box. The label <Name> should be displayed.
  7. Type in any name (e.g. 'Jack Welch') and then hit the Tab key (on your keyboard) to advance to the next field. The label <Title> should now be displayed.
  8. Type in any title (e.g. 'CEO') and then hit the Tab key. The selection advances to the next box.
  9. Finish populating the chart by filling in <Name> and <Title> for all boxes.
  10. Click on the save.png Save icon (located in the top tool bar) to save your chart. The File Manager is displayed.
  11. Give the chart a name by typing into the Filename text area (at the bottom) and then click on the Save button (in the lower right below the Filename text area).
  12. Congratulations! You've created and saved your first chart.

Tips and Tricks

  • Right click on the chart background to change tool modes.
  • Double click on the chart background to return to Select Tool Mode (from any other mode).

Reviewed 08/17/2017