Multiple users can share the same account. For a discussion on the different types of accounts available visit the User Accounts topic.

To manage user accounts, select the gear icon (in the upper right) and then select the 'Manage Users' menu item. This functionality is only available to administrators.

In the 'Manage Users' panel you can:

  • Add User Accounts
  • Update User Accounts
  • Delete User Accounts

Add and Updating Users

  1. Make sure to enter a valid email address - the email address is required for resetting passwords (e.g. forgot password)
  2. When adding an account, make sure to write down the default password. Note that users can also request access to their accounts once this has been setup (see below)
  3. For Read/Write Seats you can optionally create a Private Folder. Private folders can only be accessed by a specific user. Administrators have access to all private folders.
  4. The Access Group determines which folders a user can access (folders not in the access group are hidden).
  5. You can create an unlimited number of read only accounts. The number of read/write seats is determined by your subscription. Contact moc.erawtfoskroweciffo|wontrahcgro#moc.erawtfoskroweciffo|wontrahcgro to request additional read/write (or administrator) seats.

Single Sign On
You can also use Single Sign On to log into OrgChart Now.

Automatic Creation of User Accounts

You can use a CSV file to automatically create multiple user accounts. See the Mass Creation of User Accounts topic for more information.

Request Access

If an administrator of the account has already created the end users logon, the end user can request access to to the account.

  • From the sign-in page select the option 'Request Access to an Existing Account'
  • Enter a valid email address
    • Note that this email address must already exist based on step 2 above
  • OrgChart NOW will send an email to the end user with the username and password.