OrgChart viewer is a lightweight envirornment to view and export your chart. Below is a brief overview of the options available to customize the look and feel of your OrgChart.


Quick Reference Guide

Reviewing the OrgChart Now Viewer Quick Reference Guide is an easy way to get started.

Options Drop Down

The Options drop down allows you to make your chart look exactly how you want it.
VIEWS Select the style of your Org Chart boxes.
FILTERS Select which filters you want to activate.
LEVELS Select the number of chart levels shown.
ZOOM Zoom in or out.
PRINT PREVIEW Toggle print preview on or off.
PAGE SIZE Select the desired page size, both on the screen and when exporting your chart.

Export Drop Down

The Export drop down provides all of OCN's visual export formats for your chart.
DOWNLOAD PDF Download a Portable Document Format (PDF) document of your chart.
DOWNLOAD PPT Download a PowerPoint (PPT) document of your chart.
DOWNLOAD PNG Download a Portable Network Graphic (PNG) image of your chart.
DOWNLOAD SVG Download a Scaleable Vector Graphic (SVG) image of your chart.
DOWNLOAD JPG Download a JPEG image of your chart.
DOWNLOAD EXCEL Download an Excel file of your chart data.
PRINT CURRENT PAGE Download the currently shown OrgChart in PDF format.

Profile Panel

Main Article: Profile Panel

Bring up more information about a selected box.

Search Panel

Main Article: Search Panel

Search for records in your organization. Click on a record to go to their Org Chart.

Workbench Drop Down


Main Article: OrgChart Workbench

The Workbench Drop Down has the following options:

ORGCHART BUILDER Go to the OrgChart builder to recreate the currently seen chart in the Workbench.
CREATE NEW CHART Go to the OrgChart workbench with a new chart document.

More Drop Down


The More Drop Down has the following options:

REFRESH DATA NOW Immediately refresh your chart from the data source.
MY SETTINGS Configure personal settings.
CHART SETTINGS Configure Chart settings.
ACCOUNT SETTINGS Configure organization level settings.
HELP Get help for OrgChartNow.
ABOUT View details about your chart, account, and application.

Reviewed 6/04/2019