The views panel allows a user to quickly switch between different presentations of a chart. For example, a user can switch between a 'Photo' view, 'Name and Title' view and a 'Headcount' view. The 'View' Panel is typically setup for read only users to allow them to easily switch between various chart presentations.

The Views Panel can be found in the Side Panel.


View Management

The following tools are available. Read Only Users will not see these tools.
addrows.png Add Views Add a View. Any User Defined Chart Template can be added to the Views panel.
delete.png Delete Delete selected View
reorderrows.png Reorder Views Reorder selected View.

Applying Views

To apply a view, double click on any row in the views panel. The chart will be updated based on the conditional formats defined within the view.

Defining Views

A view can be created from any 'User Chart Template'. See the Chart Templates Editor topic to learn more about creating Templates.


showpanel.png If the panel is hidden, click on 'Show Panels' icon and then select the 'Subchart' tab (at the bottom).

Reviewed 9/4/2017