The Import Wizard guides you through the process of creating an organizational chart from an external data source. Once the chart is created, you can use the Refresh Properties function to update any of the import wizard settings.

The Import Wizard is located in the FILE RIBBON.

Before Using the Import Wizard

Before using the Import Wizard, you will need to make sure your data connector is fully configured or if you are using a flat file, that your source data is uploaded.

Import Wizard Steps

After completing the import wizard steps, you will have a fully formatted organizational chart. The chart can then be refreshed from your external source data with just a couple clicks.

  1. Select a connector (e.g. Excel/CSV or ADP) using the importwiz.png Import button.
  2. Use the Filter Data step to filter and split your data as needed. For example, you can import only a specific department (e.g. 'Marketing').
  3. Use the Define Fields step to identify required fields (e.g. Name and Title).
  4. Use the Assistant Wizard step to setup rules for automatically setting assistant branch styles.
  5. Use the Subchart Wizard step to setup rules for paginating your chart.
  6. Use the Chart Template step to select rules for formatting your chart.
  7. Use the Master Page step to setup your master page.

Reviewed 08/28/2017